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Automated Auditors, LLC

Get the most of your data with our advanced data mining and data cleansing technology

-Accounts Payable Fraud Detection

-Loss Prevention Analysis

-Forensic Data Analysis

-Data Cleansing Services

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Forensic Data Analsysis


Accounts Payable (AP) fraud still plagues companies of all sizes despite preventative edits being incorporated into AP software.  One report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that businesses experienced an estimated loss of $7 billion in 2018 due to fraud.  Learn how Automated Auditors can shed light on potential vulnerabilities in your accounts payable process.

Data Cleansing


As the old adage says “garbage in, garbage out”.  Let Automated Auditors solve your data quality problems by applying our 4 specialties: de-duplication, data matching, data standardization, and entity resolution.  Don’t let messy, disparate data generate inaccurate reports that you rely on for critical decision-making.

Customized SAS Programming

Our analysts are experts in building SAS solutions to solve complex data problems across a variety of industries.  We have supported several Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) and Controllers, providing SAS programming support to resolve litigation disputes involving:  royalty fraud, accounts payable and receivable fraud, healthcare fraud, OFAC exclusion list screening, and vendor/supplier file management and entity resolution.